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"A good painting requires thought. One can't throw paint on canvas and hope for a masterpiece. A masterpiece is the result of endless thought but very often looks as though it was composed with little effort."

print size approx. 8.5x11"

Clarice Smith: Power and Grace
National Sporting Library and Museum
April 11,2014-September 28, 2014

Clarice Smith: Recollections of a Life in Art
New York Historical Society Museum & Library
November 8, 2013-February 9, 2014

The Gerald Peters Gallery September 6, 2012-October 5, 2012

The Cosmos Club (for club members and their guests only) Sept. 14, 2010 to Jan. 7, 2011

Elements of Nature: Equines and Still Lifes
National Museum of Women in the Arts
October 9, 2009-January 10, 2010

Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center Gallery October 5, 2010 to Nov. 12, 2010

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
October 15-December 11, 2011


Middleburg Eccentric: Power and Grace
National Sporting Library and Museum

Middleburg Life: Power and Grace
National Sporting Library and Museum

2012 Phillips Collection Annual Gala

Clarice Smith Accepts Honorary Doctorate
from George Washington University 2012

Show Captures 25 years of mystery...
Washington Times, November 1, 2003

Art News January 2004

larice Smith is described by critics as an intriguing and enigmatic artist. Belonging to no school, yet clearly influenced by several traditions, she creates a world through paint that is at the same time tangible and distant; familiar yet disquieting. Her oeuvre includes portraits, florals, landscapes, still lifes and horses painted with ease, yet a convincing reality and an ambience unique to a particular place. She has had numerous solo exhibitions in prestigious galleries in the United States and abroad; and is represented by the Gerald Peters Gallery in New York City.

Her Paintings are a celebration of brushstroke and the expressionistic quality of color. Both in technique and mood, her paintings share little with the strict photo-realists who are her contemporaries but are rather linked to earlier painters who are her inspiration. Yet to see Clarice as a derivation of these artists is to misunderstand her. She is an artist who responds clearly and absolutely to her own surroundings, giving expression to them on canvas via texture and color. Her ability to communicate to the viewer in a visual language that is so clearly understood yet so highly personal is a wonder. That she does this in such a tantalizing manner which so thoroughly delights the eye is her great achievement.

Balance: Finding Symmetry by Joe Motherall

2012 Original Painting for Montpelier Hunt Races
2012 Montpelier Hunt Races Original Painting

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